Tournament Rules

Age Cut Off/New Ages Date:

11U – games will be no new inning after 1hr 45min or 6innings whichever comes first. 1 Day Tournaments are 1hr 30min or 6innings whichever comes first. Once an inning is started it must be completed.   10 run mercy rule after 3 innings. 8 run mercy at 3 ½ or 4 complete innings. Pool Play games can end in ties. California Tiebreaker will be used in playoffs to decide tie games. A time limit will be in effect for 1 Day Tournament Championships Only.

Batting/Base Running:

11U – teams may elect to bat 9 players and/or bat 10 players with the 10th player being an EH. The EH is considered a defensive player and may switch in and out defensively. Teams may also bat there entire roster giving them free defensive subs.  Teams may start and play a game with 8 players unless it is caused by a player ejection. Teams who only have 8 players on Lineup do not take an out for 9th player, they only take an out (only first At-Bat) if they have 9 or More Players on Lineup. In the event of injury the player injured will take an out his first missed at bat and then will be removed from the game the rest of the way and may not re-enter. Courtesy runner for pitcher and catcher anytime (catcher w/2outs mandatory).


There are no pitching limitations but we ask that all coaches be wise in how they use their pitchers. To intentionally walk a batter, a coach simply needs to inform the umpire and point to 1st base no pitch is thrown.

11U: Pitchers who fake a throw to third base and then throw to another base will be charged with a balk. A pitcher that steps toward first or third must throw to that base. You can still step towards second and not make a throw to that base. 

Bases/Mound Distances:

Some fields have set distances. We may have to adjust bases and mound to use field when necessary. 11u-12u – will pitch at 50ft with 65/70ft bases


There are no bat restrictions.

Tie Breakers:

The Following will serve as Tie Breakers.

  1. Record
  2. Head to Head (Only if all Teams Tied played each other)
  3. Runs Allowed
  4. Runs Scored
  5. Coin Toss (If 2 Teams Tied are not present at the time, Coin Toss will be conducted between Tournament Director and President)

Other Rules:

  • Players may play on only one team within their division in the same tournament, but may play up a division within the same tournament.
  • All Protest must be submitted with a $100 fee before ANY action can be taken, and is only refundable if you win the protest. Protest must be filed with Home Plate Umpire before being brought to Tournament Director.  Tournament Director will make a decision immediately. Once the next pitch is thrown, the Team loses the right to protest. Protest may only be filed by Managers, and may not protest Judgment Calls by an Umpire. All rulings are final.
  • All conversations with an umpire must be conducted after a timeout has been called, and held in a calm professional manner. Verbal abuse of an umpire will not be tolerated and may result in an ejection. Any player, manager or coach ejected must also sit out the next game.
  • No metal cleats are allowed in Ages 10 & Under. No metal cleats are allowed on portable pitching mounds in all ages, and must wear rubber cleats or shoes.
  • Home team will be determined by a coin toss, the winner of the coin toss will have the option of either being home or visitor, or picking which dugout he wants to play out of. In Playoffs, home team is decided by higher seed giving the same options listed above.
  • Players must have a number on jersey, either on back or front. No size specification, but it must be visible to officials.
  • Any team caught using an illegal player shall be subject to discipline ranging from: manager and player ejection, forfeiting a game, ejection from the tournament, and suspension from all sanctioned events for 1 year.
  • Tournament Director has the right to alter or change schedule at any time.