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Dear Potential Donor/Sponsor,

The Temecula Halos Baseball Club will be traveling to Arizona from March 20-22 to represent the Temecula Valley area in an annual USSSA Dual NIT Baseball Tournament. In order to ensure the success of this very important event,  we are seeking contributions to help defray the costs associated with the event.

Generous donors like you are the key to our success and make it possible for the Temecula Halos BBC families to travel without the financial burden and stress.  Our players know that playing travel baseball is a privilege and that is should not be taken for granted. Donations are completely optional of course.

Why donate to a youth organization? Here are some quick facts on why youth sports are helping our youths future.

  • higher grades, expectations, and attainment
  • greater personal confidence and self-esteem;
  • greater connections with school— that is, greater attachment and support from adults;
  • stronger peer relationships;
  • more academically oriented friends;
  • greater family attachment and more frequent interactions with parents;
  • more restraint in avoiding risky behavior; and
  • greater involvement in volunteer work

As a reminder the Halos BBC is a NON PROFIT ORGANIZATION 501c (3) and all donations are tax deductable. Your donation will be listed on our sponsor page here OUR SPONSORS , as well as on our popular website page.  Any amount will help our young men. We thank you for your time and consideration.


Temecula Valley Halo Families

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