Information and Expectations,

-Please read all information. At this level your child will be facing a live pitcher and not a machine or coach. It is imperative that we are aware of our surroundings on and off the field. The players are bigger, stronger and  more advanced than last year. A player unaware and not paying attention on the field can lead to injuries.




  • Uniforms

Uniforms are an important part of the game. The name says it all – UNIFORM. Please make sure that your player arrives to ALL practices and games properly dressed to play. Please, no untucked shirts, no hats backwards, Must have correct colored socks (games), must have correct colored belt and of course your glove as it is part of your uniform.





  • Equipment

We  will provide baseball helmets, bats, balls, catcher’s helmet, chest protector and shin guards. Each player will need baseball cleats (no metal) and glove. Although we provide these items it is recommended that your player bring their own helmet and bat.





  • Protective Gear

It will be necessary for each player to be outfitted with a protective cup, regardless of the position they are playing. It is also highly recommended that each player have sliding shorts worn underneath the uniform pants. If you have any questions about equipment please do not hesitate to contact me.





  • Practice Gear

Each player should come to practice wearing baseball practice pants  w/ sliding shorts underneath. There is leading off and stealing at this level so we will be practicing slides and return moves to bases. Players will need cleats and a glove for each practice and a hat is highly recommended as well. Please have your child geared up for each practice as if it is game day, except for game uniform. This is a good habit for them to get into at this age and will follow them as they get older. I have seen many coaches let their players practice in shorts and without cleats, Im not one of them.





  • Water/Refreshments

It is highly recommended that your player bring a water bottle or jug to practices and games. We are outdoors and sometimes do not have access to drinking fountains.

*** Parents *** It is very important that your child have their own water/gatorade before all games. There will be no food allowed in the dugout nor will there be snack breaks allowed in the middle of the games. This is a major distraction for ALL players.





  • Parents Participation

Playing any sport can be stressful and have many stressful situations. Each player must be focused during the ENTIRE game.

During practices and games we need to make sure that our players have their space. They need to be focused on the task at hand to avoid any possible injuries. Once practices and games start we ask that all parents let their players do just this. Please do not distract players by coming to the dugout every inning and saying great job. There will be a time and place for this after the game. We already know at this age getting our players to focus for more than 10 minutes at a time is a huge task. Please pass this information to other relatives and family members. Please make sure that your player has had a pregame snack as going to get chili cheese fries in the middle of game will not be allowed. I have seen this many times in the past and just don’t think it is appropriate.





  • Game Play and Game Day

All games have a maximum of 2 hours or 6 innings. Whichever comes first. The 5 run rule is still in effect.